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The untold truth of Jana Duggar

The untold truth of Jana Duggar

Out of all of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 kids, their oldest little girl Jana Duggar is apparently the most calm. From Jana’s accommodating identity to her absence of romances (young lady apparently inclines toward the single life), there’s a great deal of proof to recommend very little is going ahead in the Counting On star’s reality. As the familiar saying goes, nonetheless, nothing is ever as it appears — and this is particularly valid for Jana. Things being what they are, there is a great deal of delicious data watchers don’t think about Jana, including her looked for after individual life. We’re talking from Tim Tebow dating gossipy tidbits the distance to the diligent hypothesis encompassing Jana’s sexuality. Gracious, and how might we overlook all the babble about Jana and her kin? A few fans may be stunned to discover that Jana’s associations with her siblings and sisters are slightly muddled, without a doubt. That all being stated, here’s reality about Jana Duggar.

It’s not strange for dating bits of gossip to surface between two prominent famous people. It’s somewhat less normal, notwithstanding, for a NFL star to be apparently attaching with a lesser known reality star a la TLC. Despite the fact that this kind of blending may appear to be odd to a few, bits of gossip whirled in 2014 that Jana and previous NFL quarterback Tim Tebow were a thing. Obviously, the talk achieved a fever pitch after Jim Bob met Tebow’s mom, Pat Tebow, at a philanthropy occasion for Loving Pregnancy Centers in 2014. “An extraordinary woman and an awesome reason! We delighted in hearing Pam Tebow share today,” Jim Bob inscribed a November 2014 Facebook photograph taken at the occasion.

The untold truth of Jana Duggar

At the time, the dating bits of gossip appeared well and good in light of the fact that both Jana and Tebow are profoundly religious and they’re two years separated in age. Furthermore, numerous fans were all in all correct to hypothesize that Jim Bob may have attempted to get Jana and Tebow together through Pat — dislike the patriarch hasn’t set up his girls previously, all things considered.

Tragically for energized fans, be that as it may, Tebow’s rep denied the sentiment in December 2014, agreeing to Us Weekly. Making matters significantly more awkward is that Jana’s brother by marriage, Ben Seewald, made an ungainly joke about Tebow conceivably joining the Duggar family only two months after the foreswearing. “I’d have him on my group,” Seewald said in regards to the likelihood of playing family football with Tebow, as indicated by People. “We’d win without fail.” Well, a person can dream.

When you’re single in a family loaded with coupled up kin, things can get sort of unbalanced every once in a while. A valid example: At a January 2018 talking occasion in Australia, Jim Bob apparently ridiculed Jana for her long-lasting single status. As though that situation isn’t sufficiently nightmarish (fathers ought to regularly avoid downplaying their little girl’s dating life), Jim Bob influenced the offensive to remark before Jana.

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